Saturday, August 17, 2013


The zombies are coming… back. Sturdy time! The follow-up for the hit action-strategy adventure using more than 30 Game of year honours will be here. Join Crazy Dork around the crazy adventure where you’ll meet, greet and defeat lots of zombies at first of your energy for the finish of days. Generate an military of effective baby plants, super charge these with Fertilizer and your protection with amazing new techniques to guard the mind.

"This is often a amazing follow-up: nine from ten.Inches - Edge Magazine

"As fantastically presented since it is absorbing to see: 8.7 from 10." -

Game Features

Baby Plants! NEW ZOMBIES!

Meet Bonk Choy, Bloomerang and Lightning Reed: Only a few in the effective baby plants that will defend your lawn with time. Go feet-to-missing-feet with a lot of new zombies including Ra Zombie in Ancient Egypt, Swashbuckler Zombie round the Sailing Seas, or Chicken Wrangler Zombie inside the Wild West. In every single " " new world " ", clever new zombies and brain-tease challenges will try out your zombie-zapping capabilities.

AMAZING NEW Techniques To Guard The Mind

New Fertilizer and-ups will need your game to new dimensions. Fertilizer will increase your plants as it's needed most. Take advantage of the fingers to pinch, flick and zap zombies off your lawn.




Fight the thrill-accurate land, on sea and… round the rails? Unlock ultra-challenging (and ultra-fun) endless levels - Pyramid of Disaster, Pirate's Booty as well as the Large Bad Butte.


Gather tips for unlock brain teaser games and baby plants. Collect coins to purchase potent energy-ups. Earn stars to think about you to definitely certainly new cell phone industry's. Survive extended enough and you'll be paid out with piles of honours and achievements. Which is simply the beginning! The long run holds many mysteries. Also, zombies. Numerous of zombies.
Plants vs. Zombies 2

Download Plants VS Zombies 2 Pc Game Free Full Version

OK, that's been true for some time, though PopCap's relieve last year's Plants Versus Zombies for apple apple apple iphone, zombies are once more becoming hard to avoid!
In case you look like reducing while using the undead, but find games like Left 4 Dead too nasty, listed here are my top three brain-eating options:Download Plants VS Zombies 2 Pc Game Free Full Version
1: Plants Versus Zombies. You will find carried out this, download the demo, available nowadays for PC and Mac! Zombies and gardening mix to produce incredibly addictive action. It's part of the 'tower defense' genre, try not to allow that discourage you because it is a virtually perfect game. Is it possible to have the ability to miss a spook Michael Jackson?
Download Plants VS Zombies 2 Pc Game Free Full Version
2: Attack from the Paper Zombies !!! This free indie game for Home windows is a superb mixture of real-time strategy and also the undead, although within this situation, the lifeless hordes will also be aliens! The pencil and paper graphical style is most likely unique for any zombie game too. Download it here.

Download Plants VS Zombies 2 Pc Game Free Full Version
3: Pixel Pressure: Left 4 Dead. You may bear in mind that re-imagining things might be a terrible disaster - Planet in the Apes, for example. However, Pixel Pressure: Left 4 Dead re-imagines Valve's fantastic cooperative shooter just like a Producers Entertainment System game from 1986. It appears such as the real factor, too. In my opinion the original's more thrilling, however, this remains a awesome game. No Producers needed, you'll be able to download and participate in it home based home windows.